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St Tropez Application Tan

St Tropez TanThis luxurious treat includes a full body exfoliation and application of St Tropez tan to result in a rich, Riviera colour, which looks natural and lasts for days.

St Tropez cream tan is the ultimate ‘I’ve just been away’ tan. The skin will look glowing and bronzed just like you have been on holiday. The treatment includes a full body exfoliation to remove any dry or dead skin cells followed by the tan application which will develop over 7-8 hours. Once developed the tan will last for 7 to 10 days.

Treatment Cost £52.50 I Duration: 1hr 15mins


St Tropez application tan

A St Tropez application tan is one of a range of sunless tanning systems that creates a natural glow without exposure to the sun; perfect for those who have fair skin or do not tan easily, or anyone who just wants to avoid the sun’s damaging rays. This kind of sunless tanning has been increasing in popularity since the 1960s when the health risks associated with sun exposure and other UV-related tanning methods such as sun beds became known to the public. Fake tans such as St Tropez use chemicals to reproduce the pleasing sun-kissed glow associated with a tan without the need for sunbathing or sun beds.  Most sunless tanning lotions use dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to create the colour; DHA is not a dye or a stain, it is simply a chemical that reacts with the dead layer of surface skin and changes the colour as a result.

What happens during a St Tropez application tan?

At the Belmore Centre in Aylesbury a St Tropez application tan treatment will begin with a full body exfoliating treatment to remove any dead and dry skin which may cause a patchy or streaky tan. This will also make your tan last longer as a fake tan fades due to skin cells sloughing off in a natural process; removing the loose top layer slows this down for a few days. The therapist will then apply the St Tropez application tan to your whole body. The tan will take up to 7-8 hours to develop, and you will need to wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing marks into your new colour for at least a few hours after the process.

How to care for your St Tropez application tan treatment

Your St Tropez application tan will last longer and fade more naturally with a bit of careful aftercare. It is important to wear loose-fitting clothes that you do not mind getting a little stained after your treatment is completed. The tan will look ‘muddy’ on your skin but this will wash off, leaving a glowing, even colour. However the best results occur if you refrain from showering for at least 12 hours, ideally overnight, so try not to book a St Tropez tan treatment on the day of a night out.  Pay attention to the instructions given by your therapist, as they will tell you the best time to wait until showering to get great long-lasting results. Gentle exfoliation will help your tan go evenly as it starts to fade without the appearance of any patches, and regular moisturising will help maintain the colour for longer, as will staying away from swimming pools with harsh chemicals that can strip the tan away.

A St Tropez application tan treatment is a great way to get a healthy sun-kissed look without endangering your health and sanity by lying in the sun for hours or using a sunbed. However always remember that, as with a spray tan, the St Tropez application tan does not offer any protection against the sun as a natural tan would, so always use high factor sunscreen.

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