Belmore Deluxe Facial

This deeply relaxing facial uses Clarins products to suit your skins’ needs and is delivered through massage…Read more…

Price: £60.00 I Duration: 1hr 15mins

C.A.C.I. Facial

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument and is a system used for non-surgical facelifts, to give you the natural and younger look that you want….Read more…

Treatment Cost £59.00 I Duration: 1hr

Clarins Prescription Facial

A classic facial customised by our Beauty Therapists to restore your skin to a perfect state of balance….Read more…

Treatment Cost £53.00 I Duration: 1hr

Clarins Signature Facial

A line-up of six highly personalised results-driven facial treatments using Clarinspro products to deliver immediate long-term results. These facials are clinically proven to improve skin firmness by 10% and hydration by 46%. Read more…

Price: £65.00 I Duration: 1hr 30mins

COMCIT™ Facial

The most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation treatment yet, tackling lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Enjoy a full cleanse and gentle exfoliation, followed by our ground-breaking COMCIT™ treatment, using Cryo Oxygen and Micro Rollers to infuse the skin with our potent Anti-Ageing Infusion and stimulate collagen production. Then lie back while your therapists applies a Crystal Clear face mask to suit your skin type, giving you an extra hit of hydration, firming and lifting. Read more…

Treatment Cost £73.00 I Duration: 1 hour

Express Facial

A half hour refreshing facial designed to refresh in a lunch break, also an ideal introductory facial for teenagers…
Using Clarins products, the skin is cleansed, toned, exfoliated and a mask is applied before the skin feeling refreshed and ready to go! Read more…

Price: £32.00 I Duration: 30mins


Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy is an innovative and beautifying facial. Skin restructuring serums are delivered deep into the skin’s layers using highly pressurised jets of refreshing oxygen. This gives a cooling sensation to tired, congested skin and produces a clearer, healthier and more youthful-looking complexion. Read more…

Treatment Cost £60.00 I Duration: 45 mins

Ultimate Frozen Facial

We are very proud to present The Ultimate Frozen Facial. A combination of our Advanced Microdermabrasion Treatment with the pioneering COMCIT Facial. This is literally a rejuvenating facial from the gods. Read more…

Treatment Cost: £83.00 I Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

Microdermabrasion Facial

Micro Dermabrasion is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment which uses a specialised diamond tool on the skin. It is an ultra-advanced deep exfoliation using an hand piece across the skins’ surface to remove the dead and damaged cells in addition to the use of specialised products .
It softens the appearance of acne scarring and other surface irregularities and a course of treatments will create a healthy look and feel to the skin.
Read more…

Course of 6 treatments – £265.00
Single treatment – £53.00

Advanced Microdermabrasion

Our advanced Microdermabrasion uses ultra-fine diamond-hard aluminium oxide crystals to buff and polish the skin, gently removing dead skin cells layer by layer. The crystals are then vacuumed back up along with the exfoliated layers of skin, encouraging collagen re-growth thus boosting circulation and improving lymphatic drainage along the way. The gentle vacuum action also achieves an immediate lifting effect on tired muscles so skin looks instantly rejuvenated. Read more…

Treatment Cost £63.00 I Duration: 1hr

Acne Treatment

Why not try our advanced Acne Treatment, which improves the skins structure. This treatment uses Glycolic cleansers, gels and Enzymatic Peeling paste in addition to the benefits of Derma Visage Microdermabrasion and the calming blue Chromatherapy lights….Read more…

Treatment Cost £53.00 I Duration: 45mins

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