Foot Health

Foot Health

This involves the treatment of conditions such as corns, callus, various nail and skin problems (including athletes’ foot) and verrucae and also the provision of advice on all aspects of foot care.

Custom-made insoles can also be made at the Belmore Centre to correct over pronation, reduce pain and correct posture

Today’s Foot Health Practitioners are all highly trained professionals and
are duty bound to provide you with the highest standard of foot care.
With today’s hectic lifestyle many people neglect their feet until it is impossible to ignore the discomfort any longer and this will often lead to the treatment being longer and more expensive.

Regular foot health checkups by a qualified Foot Health Practitioner can often help prevent these problems before they cause any problems therefore ensuring comfortable, happy feet. From corns to verrucae, from problem nails to skin conditions, these are all covered by your Foot Health Practitioner as well as advice on all aspects of foot care including muscle strengthening exercises.

Whatever the problem your Foot Health Practitioner can provide treatment to alleviate your suffering and bring relief to your feet.

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