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HD Brows™, the ultimate eyebrow styling experience, is here at the Belmore Centre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Eyebrows are so much more than a frame to the face; facial expressions depend upon eyebrows and they truly deserve a little attention every now and again. Indeed, correctly defined eyebrows have the ability to dramatically enhance a client’s expressions and to help them maintain that aura of confidence – the HD experience is certainly worth it. Regardless of whether eyebrows were previously overgrown or over-plucked, HD Brows™ can take styling to a whole new level with a proven, high quality design formula for personalised couture brows.

* A £15 deposit is required when booking your first HD Brows™ appointment and can only be booked via our reception team. Please call 01296 612361 to arrange the booking.

1st Appointment: Price £35.00  I Duration: 1hr
Follow ups: Price £25.00 I Duration: 45mins
Ongoing Maintenance: Price £19.00 I Duration: 30mins

What are HD Brows™ and how is the look created?

HD Brows™, or High Definition Brows, is the name given to a treatment that aims to give clients the eyebrows of their dreams. Whether they’re fed up with thick, patchy eyebrows, or are hoping for a dramatic new look for a special event or for the everyday, a HD Brows™ treatment has the ability to create an eyebrow style that’s truly something special. There are seven ‘unique and revolutionary’ steps involved in achieving the HD Eyebrow look, each an important part of the process, which takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. From colouring and tinting, to mapping, waxing, and threading, the treatments that combine to create a HD Brow experience will form an integral part of the client’s new look.

Following an extensive consultation, during which the client and stylist will discuss the kind of look the client would like, work can begin; the shape, definition and shade of the client’s eyebrows will be based upon the client’s desires and a few other factors, including colouring, hair growth, and facial shape, that have been noted by the stylist. The HD Brow experience begins with a tint or colour, during which the client’s eyebrows are lightened, darkened, or toned, and continues as the brows are shaped via a process mapping using threading and waxing. This enables the stylist to create a brow shape that follows the style the client would like. Finally, the client’s eyebrows are enhanced with luxurious makeup, while the stylist offers advice on brow maintenance and the types of products that can achieve the look. After just 45-minutes, the client will have eyebrows that he or she can be proud of.

HD Brows™ are suitable for everyone, including those with patchy, over-plucked, or thin eyebrows. The HD Brow regrowth programme can aid clients in achieving their ideal brow shape and texture, while there are makeup products that can be used to retouch brows that have been treated to the HD experience, or to ‘fake it’ until eyebrows have grown sufficiently to be given the attention they deserve.

Benefits of HD Brows™

For fans of effortless style and beauty, there are numerous benefits to HD Brows™, including improved definition, elegantly shaped eyebrows and a look that is easy to maintain for weeks. Not only do sculpted and neatened eyebrows help clients achieve a dramatically enhanced look that flatters facial features, they can also shave years off a person’s age; with the right shape and tint, perfectly manicured eyebrows can draw attention away from fine lines, and disguise the signs of ageing.

Above all, a HD Brows™ experience is a client’s chance to relax and unwind, and to feel truly pampered – safe in the knowledge that their eyebrows and confidence are in for a major boost following a treatment that is indulgent and thorough. Indeed, the High Definition Group, which created the technique and its range of HD Brow products, trains every stylist. This ensures that each treatment is carried out with the utmost care and dedication to perfection. With HD Brows™ our clients can prepare for their close ups without any fear that a single hair will be out of place.

We cannot wait to welcome clients to the luxurious surroundings of the Belmore Centre, Aylesbury, and to pamper them with a HD Brow treatment that is out of this world; everyone deserves the brows of their dreams and we’re more than happy to oblige.

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