KinesiologyClinical Kinesiology is a highly organised system based on muscle testing and hand mode.

The most intimate relationship you will have in this
life is the one with yourself – you don’t get to walk out on it. Make it as positive and healthy as you can.

Natural Intelligence Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find out what you and your body need for health. Giving your body a chance to speak significantly reduces stress and when it receives the support it actually needs it will support you. These non-invasive and insightful sessions honour your natural path to health and healing.

  • I am finding things difficult and need some clarity.
  • I want to reduce stress in my life.
  • I want my energy back.
  • I want to feel well and don’t know why I don’t – I’ve tried so much.
  • I want to understand what’s going on for me and how to support myself.
  • The world makes me stressed and anxious and I don’t know how to change.
  • I’m stuck in a rut and need motivation.
  • I want a better relationship with myself.
  • I want a healthy digestion.
  • I want to move through the menopause smoothly.

About Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson is a therapist of 10 years experience in kinesiology and energy healing. For more information please call her for a chat or visit her website

‘I really felt empowered by all the wonderful healing and knowledge you passed on.’

‘What you do is amazing, but I can’t put into words why – it was just so profound.’

‘It was such a relief to find someone who can help me get to the bottom of my problems.’

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