The precision and accuracy of meditation allows us to rest in our natural state of being. Out of chaos comes order and a stress free mind, one that is clear, pure and natural, where fears and emotions of all kinds need be regarded as obstacles no longer.

**Meditation classes are currently unavailable at The Belmore Centre. Please watch this space for further updates**

Meditation. What is it? Why do we all need it?

Everyone without exception benefits from a little peace and quiet, if only for one hour, once a week. It gives our brain a chance to rest completely, allowing us to remember for a little while just who we really are and to dissolve our own self limitation!When this happens, it affects every area of our lives in a very positive way. No longer do we feel at the mercy of outside influences in the world around us, but we awaken within us, a sense of real well-being, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The object of meditation is acknowledgement of the self we truly are, our super self. When we acknowledge this, our lives are transformed and life becomes a joy again.

‘World Peace comes by way of the inner peace of the individual’
(Dalai Lama)


A quiet mind is a clear mind. A quiet clear mind is a decisive mind. A quiet, clear decisive mind will always see the whole picture and in that moment of clarity will recognise and know all things are possible.
(Tse –Wang Dronma)

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an excellent tool for dissolving self limitation. It enables us to work directly on the energetic form that is the substance of that limitation. Most of us, especially in the present climate live in a permanent state of stress at some level. This leads to an imbalance within us which in turn leads to all the deadly forms of that stress i.e. Panic attacks, the ‘short fuse’ anger etc. The list is endless. Eventually the manifestation of a very real disease appears in the body and a constant state of suffering is truly felt. The object of real meditation is to remember who we really are, there by bringing the words of the Dalai Lama into being. ‘World peace comes by way of the inner peace of the individual.’ Nadine teaches both privately and in small groups. Please ring for details of all her classes and workshops.

Simple 10 minute meditation

  1. Sit quietly & comfortably. Breathe in to the count of 3. Gently and easily give your breath your whole attention. Breathe in fresh energy. Let it flow through you nourishing and rejuvenating you.
  2. Breathe out, as you do, breathe all that stale energy away from you. Far away into the universe. To the count of 3 breathing deeply and easily. Repeat 3 times.
  3. Sit quietly watching the breath. Listen to the body falling into its own natural rhythm of breathing. Feel your feet on the ground, your body on the chair. Take a long deep breath in through the nose then a long breath out. Now feel all that fresh energy flowing through into your feet where you need it. Open your eyes and stretch and smile!!

Nadine has been meditating for 35 years and has taught at the Belmore since it first opened in the 1990s. Many many people have attended these classes from all walks of life, from the wife to the big shot city leaguer. Everyone needs a little peace and quiet and if only 1 hour a week gives time for the mind, brain and body to come together quietly and rest completely.

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