Dr Don Rawson

Dr Don Rawson

Psychological Counselling Herbal Medicine

Qualifications: PhD, MSc, BSc (hons)
Dip. Herb. C.Psychol, URHP

Don is a chartered Counselling Psychologist and a Registered Medical Herbalist. His dual qualifications enable him to work holistically, to help mind and body. He has many years of professional experience and is known for his positive and creative approach, helping people change their lives for the better. As part of his training he has completed his own personal therapy, and he continues to update his training and professional development.

Psychological Counselling combines the art of counselling with the science of psychology. It aims to help people transform their personal problems into personal growth. Counselling Psychologists are trained in modern methods to help people resolve difficult thoughts and feelings and to find strategies to take control of their situation. It is suitable for individuals and couples.

Herbal Medicine combines traditional herbal wisdom with up to date scientific research on the beneficial properties of plants. Herbal remedies are 100% natural, made from living plants that work in harmony with the body’s own healing system. Herbal medicine is effective and safe for a wide range of health problems and is especially helpful for those conditions which have been resistant to other forms of treatment.

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