Katie Banfield

Katie Banfield


Qualifications: BSc. (HONS) Ost. Med. DO. ND.


Katie graduated from The College of Osteopathic Medicine (formerly The British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy) in 1994. Her undergraduate training provided a good foundation in the medical sciences, biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system, psychosomatics, hydrotherapy, nutrition and clinical dietetics. Dissertations completed were in relation to overuse syndrome in Violin players and the effects of osteopathic manipulation in the treatment of asthmatics.

Further Training

Katie undertakes postgraduate continuous professional development which has included:

  • Visceral osteopathy whereby the malleable organs of the body are mobilised to free adhesions, fibrosis and enhance functioning to such organs as the gut and lungs. Examples of conditions which may benefit are asthma, IBS and endometriosis
  • Nutrition to maximise tissue response to treatment and to underpin Naturopathic treatment especially in the case of ME, migraines, asthma and IBS
  • Strapping techniques especially helpful for sports and rehabilitation. Includes Kinesio taping that can be used to enhance lymph drainage, postural alignment and ease muscular spasms
  • Craniosacral osteopathy useful for very acute cases, which affords a gentle release of the bones and fluid dynamics of the cranium and spine that is suitable for very young babies through to the elderly. It is most effectively used for colic, migraines, head trauma and chronic tissue restrictions;
  • MRI lectures to update her radiology skills
  • Dry Needling for work on acute muscle spasm and chronic fibrosis.

Katie Banfield is a registered Osteopathic and Naturopath is a member of the following organisations:

Treatment Approach

Katie always aims to bear in mind that an Osteopath’s work is firmly grounded in the principle that the root cause of the pain and/or dysfunction must be addressed and that any pain experienced is a warning system that alerts the sufferer that something needs to be fixed and is not merely something to be suppressed or ignored. It is essential for the patient and practitioner to work in partnership to explore the optimal conditions required for the individual to regain health. This may involve alteration of the body biodynamics, occupational and/or body chemistry environment. Once this has been discovered the road to recovery may not only involve osteopathic intervention but may be backed up with exercises, nutritional and lifestyle advice and hydrotherapy to empower the patient in their own healing process.

If you have any queries as to whether you think Osteopathy or Naturopathy would be suitable in your case Katie Banfield is always happy to discuss this with you first at either of her workplaces

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