Russell May

Russell May

DO – Osteomyolgist, Yoga and Reflexology

  • Registered Osteomyologist M.A.O.
  • Reflexologist I.T.E.C.
  • Independent Yoga Teacher

Russell May received his diploma in 1986, and qualified as a reflexologist in 1994. More recently he has changed his registration to The Association of Osteomyology. This encompasses many different holistic systems and therapy techniques such as naturopathy (the study of natural remedies including plants and supplements, diet and exercise). This creates a complete system to promote a full recovery from illness and strain and can help individuals achieve a good level of fitness and work/lifestyle balance.

Russell’s study in other areas such as ergonomics (the study of correct posture for work station and activities) and exercise protocols assists in giving advice and education on many areas of health care. Osteomyology is a recent therapeutic philosophy which allows the practitioner to combine bodywork techniques to provide the most appropriate treatment for each individual. It offers treatment for the whole body including arthritic conditions, strains, sprains, RSI, postural and chronic problems. Some individuals come with aches and pains while others consult with more severe and acutely painful conditions.

Reflexology is used to help the body heal and to gain internal balance, especially for the autonomic nervous system and hormonal systems. It is especially useful for long term problems, immune system depletion (e.g. repeated colds), poor constitution, chronic fatigue and stress related problems. In addition it can assist in cases of digestive upset, IBS, anxiety, poor sleep or hormone imbalances.

Russell began doing yoga in 1989 and qualified to teach through the Iyengar school of yoga which focuses on the correct alignment of the body and spine. His study of yoga has greatly enhanced his perception of musculo-skeletal conditions allowing him to recommend stretches to suit each individual requirement for rehabilitation and recovery from injury.

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