Anti Pollution Cleansing Milk
– Combination or Oily Skin


The natural plant extracts in the Clarins Cleansing Milk Combination/Oily soothe redness, cleanse oiliness and decongest troublesome skin. Suppleness, elasticity and complexion are all improved, as the milk moisturises and neutralises the drying effects of hard water.

To optimise the effectiveness of the product, Clarins suggests a specific method in the cleansing of the skin. Warm the Milk in the palms of your hands, then lay them flat against the face – do not press. Lift the hands away from the face 5-6 times, to literally lift the dirt away from the face. This suction effect draws out impurities and removes all make-up without pulling at the skin. Complete this ritual every morning and evening, followed with a toner and a moisturiser best suited to your skin type.