Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Eyebrows (Enhancement)

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are an extremely important beauty feature – so make sure you make the most of them. Correctly shaped brows frame the eyes, making you look younger and more beautiful. But it’s certainly not easy getting that look.

Each day 70 per cent of women use a brow pencil and makeup to try to create a natural looking eyebrow, or to fill in sections where hair is missing. The problem is even greater for those women, who as teenagers, over-plucked to create thin brows which were “all the rage!” But, following a treatment with Caron, you can throw those tweezers away. Your enhanced brows will be perfectly shaped and guaranteed to look completely natural.

The Semi Permanent Eyebrows enhancement includes a follow up treatment one month from date of treatment.

Treatment cost £350

Semi Permanent Eye Liner/Lash (Enhancement)

Semi Permanent Eye Liner

Next time you are with someone (especially someone of the opposite sex) just take note how much they look into your eyes!

That’s why so many women long for larger eyes and thicker lashes to make them look more appealing. Semi Permanent makeup will achieve those results and it’s also ideal for women who have difficulty applying eye makeup or suffer from allergies, poor eyesight or watery eyes. And, of course, Semi Permanent makeup means no more smudging when you’re swimming, taking part in sports – or watching another weepy film!

Semi Permanent Eye Liner appointments include a follow up treatment one month from date of treatment.

Top and Bottom £350
Top or Bottom £300

Semi Permanent Lip Line (Enhancement)

Semi Permanent Lip Liner

Do you want a modest correction to your lip line or a full sensual pout? A slight touch of colour or full on lustrous lips?

Whatever you desire, Caron can use semi permanent makeup to make your lips speak volumes for you. Lip enhancements can recreate an illusion of fullness and lift. The mouth can appear more youthful by redefinition of the lipline or the introduction of lip blush to give a haze of colour across the lips, ranging from natural pink to a deeper red.

To create a natural looking Lip Blush , she uses varying shades of colour to create sensual and full lips which look soft and natural.

Lipliner, including follow up – From £350
Full Lip Blush including follow up – From £450


Microblading uses a manual tool to implant pigment under the first layers of the skin, with fine needles used to create its effect unlike tattooing; which uses an electronic device. During a microblading treatment individual hairs, which mimic the natural movement and shape of a person’s real eyebrows, are created one at a time. It’s little wonder that the process has come to be viewed as something of an art form. For more Information Click Here

Price £250.00  I Duration: 2 Hours

For more information on any of our Semi Permanent Makeup Procedures please visit our website Features For Life.

These Treatments are performed at our sister Clinic at the following address.

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