Wedding Packages

WeddingsWe offer a number of Wedding Packages to help make your special day complete. The main feature of all our Wedding Packages is the service of a make up artist to expertly apply the brides’ makeup; she can also makeup bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party. A trial is always carried out well before your wedding to ensure you get the look you want and then the therapist can travel to your home or wedding venue to apply the makeup on your big day.

We can also offer packages which include a Deluxe Manicure and/or Pedicure and facial treatments to prepare you for your wedding. Why not give us a call to discuss your specific requirements?


Wedding Timeline
**Three months to Go**

Make-up artist

Find a make up artist and book the day and also a trial run. Remember to take a sample of the colour of your wedding dress and any other colours such as bridesmaid’s dresses. We don’t wear white every day and your make up will look different if you’re wearing a lighter colour. Be careful you don’t go for a too dramatic look – you want the groom to see you, the dress and your happiness and not the make-up!


For stress relief try Yoga or Pilates. Exercising will also increase your circulation, which in turn gets more oxygen to your skin and brain.


If you’re planning on doing a Detox programme, do it now. These programmes are often a shock to your system and you may get spotty, which you won’t want closer to the big day, so if you are planning to detox, do it weeks not days before.

Drink water like wine!

You know you should! Ideally drinking 6-8 glasses of mineral water a day will help to clear your skin and make your eyes and hair shine like they’ve never shone before. Try replacing your usual coffees and fizzy drinks with water and you’ll see the difference in no time.

Use sun block

Use sun block daily – burned skin is the hardest to cover up.

Improve diet

It’s important to eat a healthy and varied diet, rich in anti-oxidant giving fruits and vegetables. Diets with plenty of anti-oxidants can repair cell damage and reduce inflammation. The highest concentrations are found in the most deeply or brightly coloured fruits and vegetables.

Botox and Chemical Peels

If you’re doing any heavy-duty beauty experiments do them now! For instance, Botox can leave you looking frozen, a lip enlargement can result in a trout pout or unattractive bubbles on the lips and a chemical peel can go horribly wrong,

Start Having Regular Facials

There are lots of different kinds, so find one for you that involves proper exfoliation and extraction and locks in moisture. Micro Dermabrasion is ideal as it refines the complexion and helps with sun damage and open pores.

**Two months to Go**
Fake Tan

Find out which fake tan suits your skin. A good fake tan can give you a healthy glow but try to find one that is suitable for you natural skin colour. The Clarins Tan will provide a golden glow where as the St Tropez will give you a colour equivalent to two weeks in the sun. Now is the time to have a trial run to find out which will best complement your wedding day look. If you decide on a fake tan remember to mention this to your make up artist.

ExfoliateExfoliate your body once a week – try body scrubs Clarins or Tisserand.

**One month to go**
Check the weather!

Your make-up may have looked good a few months ago but not now so try out your look once more.

Don’t overdue the drink!

Don’t drink too much as alcohol is terrible for your skin.

**Two weeks to go**

Eyebrows should be tidied up – waxing is a great way to do this.
Have your last facial. You don’t want to have it to close to the wedding as it may cause a break out.

Eyelash tinting is a great alternative to mascara for enhancing the eyes and is perfect for a honeymoon spent around the pool.

Have a pedicure – We offer a long-lasting pedicure created with Bio Sculpture gel which will last all the way through your honeymoon.

**One week to go**

Have a massage to relieve stress.
Manicures should be done, if possible, on the day before the wedding.
Check your eyebrows – do you need any last minute plucking?
If you are having a fake tan done this should be booked a couple of days prior to the event.

**On the big day – Have fun!**

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