Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic

Whitethorn Fields Mediclinic

As we age our faces change: our skin can become dull and sluggish, we lose the “freshness” of youth. Signs of damage start to show such as sun damage.

Lines and wrinkles will start to appear and become permanent, leading to a tired appearance.

At Whitethorn Fields MediClinic we have a variety of treatments to keep these signs of ageing at bay, to restore and rejuvenate, as well as to maintain a youthful appearance and slow down the ageing process. We may not be able to stop the clock from ticking but we can certainly slow it down!

During a consultation one of our experienced therapists will be able to discuss with you which of these treatments will be best suited to your needs. All consultations are free of charge, with no obligation to go ahead with any treatment.

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