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Allergy (Intolerance) Testing

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Allergy (Intolerance) Testing and Advanced Natural (BIM) Health Screening.

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Allergy (Intolerance) Testing and Advanced
Natural (BIM) Health Screening

Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement (BIM) (also called Meridian Assessment) is a simple, quick and effective way of determining how a body is functioning and the results, taken from comparisons of over 1.5 million case studies, show which areas of the body have moved away from normal balance and allow an accurate and personalised natural treatment/supplementation regime to be created to promote better health and wellbeing for each client. This Bio-Reportorisation protocol is based on Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg’s homotoxicology model, which theorises that illness is a result of toxic build up in the body, resulting in imperfect functioning, as cells are unable to receive nutrients and toxins get buried deeper in the cellular matrix.

The advanced profiling Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement (BIM) instrument, the MSAS Professional 2008, is non invasive, safe and quick. The software effectively analyses, profiles and interprets data by measuring the flow of electrical conductivity between specific points on the body. BIM devices are already extensively used in hospitals for non- invasively obtaining important health information, for instance the EKG and EEG devices used to measure heart and brain function.

The same technology can also be used to pinpoint food, environmental and chemical sensitivities or intolerances, and to test supplements for suitability for the patient, using Biofeedback principles.

Help for intolerances/sensitivities can then be offered via specialist, safe desensitisation remedies. These are Isopathic Homeopathic remedies formulated by The British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy and have been used safely and to great effect since 1985.

Intolerance (sensitivity) tests cover over 130 food items and additives, plus airborne substances, plants and chemicals where appropriate. The resulting chart is presented to take away, in an easy to understand, coloured format, enabling the patient to start making changes to diet and lifestyle immediately.

Suitable for all ages, including young children and babies (for whom the test may be modified), screening will benefit anyone who does not feel 100% well all the time. No needles are used and the only items of clothing the patient may need to remove would be shoes and socks/stockings. No specific preparations have to be made, other than to avoid taking Anti Histamine medication for 72 hours prior to the test. As this type of medication dampens the immune response, test results would not be accurate.

**Patients who are pregnant, epileptic or have a heart pacemaker would not be suitable for this type of testing.

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