Pilates is a body conditioning method that works by building strength from the inside out. Targeting the deep postural muscles that support and protect the spine and the same time as creating strong abdominal muscles. Using these muscles correctly will rebalance the body and bring it into correct alignment.

Pilates benefits everyone. Men and women, old and young, those unaccustomed to exercise and those participating in other forms of exercise or sport. Everyone is advised and encouraged to work at their own level.

Classes are deliberately kept small so that individual attention can be given where necessary and modifications are given for those with specific back or joint problems. The combination of strengthening and stretching leaves participants feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


For those with specific goals or recovering from serious injury and in need
of rehabilitative pilates it is advised to try one-to-one sessions at least
initially. This will enable me to tailor the exercises to your needs.

The benefits of Pilates are numerous:

  • It improves your posture, making you look and feel taller
  • Builds long, lean muscles without bulk
  • Improves stamina, co-ordination, flexibility and joint mobility
  • Firms the abdominal muscles whilst protecting the lower back
  • Promotes better body awareness

For more Information on Pilates and other treatments available in our Studio please contact Julie Pedrick at Bodyworks Pilates.

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