Microblading Aylesbury
Microblading Aylesbury


Microblading is a natural eyebrow enhancement, which helps create a subtle look that we all strive for – and don’t we all deserve brilliant brows? Whether losing eyebrow hairs due to stress, illness or over plucking, or your eyebrows are just not particularly full, Microblading is the treatment for you. Microblading is carried out by our expert therapist who uses a manual tool to implant pigment under the first layers of skin to create individual hair strokes to give you the perfect brow.

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Price: £375.00

What is microblading and how does it work?

Sometimes referred to as eyebrow embroidery, owing to the level of detail required to achieve the look, microblading is similar to the cosmetic tattooing treatment that we offer at our sister clinic Whitethorn Fields MediClinic. However, the results can be much subtler than those achieved with permanent and semi-permanent makeup, ideal for clients in need of a complete reconstruction, or for those just unhappy with their natural eyebrows. Microblading uses a manual tool to implant pigment under the first layers of the skin, with fine needles used to create its effect unlike tattooing; which uses an electronic device. During a microblading treatment individual hairs, which mimic the natural movement and shape of a person’s real eyebrows, are created one at a time. It’s little wonder that the process has come to be viewed as something of an art form.

What to expect from microblading

An initial microblading treatment will take approximately two hours and involves the technician and client first discussing what it is the client wants, the type of eyebrow style and shape that will suit their face and the colour of pigment that’s going to be used, followed by the microblading process itself. To begin, the technician will create the desired shape and definition using an eyebrow pencil, ensuring the client is happy prior to the treatment being carried out. Eyebrows are customised to suit the client’s face shape, rather than being drawn in using a generic stencil.

The process of microblading is relatively rapid. Once a numbing cream or liquid anaesthetic has been applied to the brow area the technician will begin to microblade each hair individually, creating a smudge-proof look that can be worn with pride. It is important to note that clients may experience a little discomfort, such as tiny scratches to the skin, during a microblading treatment, but the process is otherwise pain-free.

Following your two-treatment sessions your brows will last on average between 12-18 months, when a one off color boost is then required to keep your brows looking vivid and fresh. Following these appointments, clients will be advised about aftercare and receive guidance about the ointments and oils they can use to obtain the optimum look for their new brows. Microbladed brows are particularly low maintenance, as long as clients moisturise the immediate area in the days that follow their first appointment.

Benefits of microblading

The benefits of microblading are far-reaching for clients keen to see an instant change in their appearance; microblading produces instantaneous results, meaning that clients will be selfie-ready within seconds of leaving the treatment chair – plus the results are incredibly realistic, unlike many makeup techniques used to achieve similar effects.

Microblading will expertly reconstruct, cover, or fill over-plucked brows or those lacking in shape, colour, and definition, creating a look that will perfectly complement the client’s face and lifestyle. The results of microblading are natural and subtle. To those not in the know, microbladed brows are the client’s own eyebrows, without the need for costly, repetitive treatments, or for individual hairs to be painstakingly redrawn each morning.

Clients are invited to the warm, luxurious and relaxing setting of the Belmore Centre, where they can experience the expertise of a professional Microblading treatment. While some eyebrow techniques can be uncomfortable, produce less that satisfying results, or require further treatments more regularly than is convenient, a microblading session from the Belmore Centre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, gives clients a look that is as natural as their own eyebrows – with a little more definition, of course.

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