Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading Aylesbury


If you are after perfectly shaped eyebrows or a fuzz-free face, threading is the answer. Using a antibacterial coated thread, it gives your face a smooth finish for up to six weeks. Originating as an ancient hair removal technique, threading is a popular treatment to help remove any unwanted way in a very natural way.

Lip – £16.00
Eyebrows – £16.00
Eyebrows & lip – £28.00

Booking Time: 30 Minutes

Price: £12.00


Threading is a method of hair removal that has been popular in the eastern world for many hundreds of years, but has only reached western cultures quite recently. It is known as Khite in Arabic and Fatlah in Egypt, and modern Iranian women regularly thread their entire faces to remove unwanted hair; the process was historically kept for special occasions such as marriage. It uses a piece of antibacterial thread as a tiny lasso-style hair remover which tightens around the hair and pulls it out in a similar way to waxing or tweezing but with less mess than wax and the ability to remove multiple hairs at a time where tweezing is a one by one job.

What to expect from threading

Threading is a very hygienic method of hair removal as the only thing to touch the recipient’s skin is the thread itself, and a new, sterile piece is used for each treatment. The thread is doubled up and then twisted before being rolled over the unwanted hairs, pulling them out at the follicle. Small rows of hair can be removed at the same time, and an experienced therapist can shape eyebrows and remove hair from upper lips in just a few minutes. Threading is more precise than waxing as it is easy to see exactly which hairs are being removed, and a slightly misplaced waxing strip can do huge damage to an eyebrow by taking out extra chunks.  The fact that multiple hairs are being removed at once can make the process a bit more painful, but it is very momentary when you are in the hands of an expert so the pain will be over in a flash!

Benefits of threading

Removing hair by threading is a quick and relatively pain-free way to achieve a smooth upper lip or even eyebrow. Most western beauty therapists only use threading on facial hair.  It is best to get a trained therapist to complete a threading treatment for you; it may look simple to do, but inexperienced users can break hairs rather than remove them. Ingrown hairs can result from a broken hair shaft which can be both painful and unsightly. Threading needs a tiny length of exposed hair to give the thread something to grab onto, but this is generally a shorter length than is required for successful waxing or easy tweezing. Threading can cause slight skin irritation as the hairs are being pulled out at the root, but as no chemicals are used it is an excellent treatment for sensitive skin.  Any redness you may have will go down soon after the treatment. Frequent threading can lead to permanent hair removal as the hair follicle is damaged and stops producing new growth.

Next time you want rid of the fluff on your upper lip, or your eyebrows are getting unruly, consider threading at the Belmore Centre to remove the unwanted hair. Threading is a quick, chemical-free, hygienic and, on the whole, low pain method of hair removal; it is amazing that western women did not discover it sooner!

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