Spray Tan (St Tropez)

Spray Tan (St Tropez)

Airbrushed tanning or Spray Tan is the fastest way to a perfect instant tan, leaving you with a steak free and natural looking bronzed colour. Ideal for parties and special occasions!

To get the best result, we ask that you exfoliate before you come for your appointment and wear loose dark clothing. This top-to-toe tan will develop in 8 hours.

We offer a variety of tanning mists to suit your needs. Ask your therapist what tan will be best for you.

Booking Time: 30 Minutes

Price: £32.00

Spray Tan

A St Tropez spray tan is a fast and easy way to apply full body fake or sunless tan without the time-consuming job of rubbing it in, which makes this method of sunless tanning cheaper than others as a therapist can apply a spray tan much faster than a tanning lotion. Sunless tanning has increased in popularity since the realisation in the 1960s that the sun’s rays could be harmful, and spray tans are the latest version with the advent of the super quick method of application. Spray tans use dihydroxyacetone or DHA in the same way as a self tan lotion; this chemical reacts with the dead layer of cells on the skin’s surface to create the desired golden sun-kissed glow in a safe and harmless way.

The spray tan process

Spray tans do not include an exfoliation treatment in advance unlike many other sunless tans which have a more intensive application; this is in order to keep the process quick, simple and cost-effective. Anyone coming for a spray tan should exfoliate before the treatment to ensure the best possible results; exfoliate the night before your appointment and apply plenty of moisturiser, especially to dry spots. Use a pumice stone on very dry feet, elbows or knees to make sure they do not become uneven. Tanning spray will soak into dry skin and the colour is darker than the rest of your soft, moisturised body so this preparation is important if you want a successful result. Wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment for although the spray tan dries in a matter of minutes it can rub off on clothes and tight straps or material will rub patches in the colour, leaving you with an uneven tan.

Taking care of your spray tan

It is recommended that you do not shower for at least eight hours after your spray tan. Ideally you should leave it on overnight, so try to plan an evening at home after the treatment. The tan will make you look grubby before you take a shower! Gentle exfoliation in the weeks following the initial application will make sure that the colour fades evenly and avoids the appearance of darker patches and streaks. Regular moisturising will also ensure a gradual and even fading of the golden glow. Use moisturiser with a hint of tanner in it to maintain your colour for a little bit longer, and avoid swimming pools as chlorine will bleach your tan. Clients should also be aware that sun protection is still very important if they are going out into the sun.

A spray tan at the Belmore Centre is an easy way to get a golden glow whatever the weather or time of year. The quick and simple application keeps the cost down; there is always the option of adding an exfoliating treatment in advance of your spray tan if you are not completely confident in doing it yourself, or would like the extra pampering. Many people get a spray tan before going on a beach holiday which may sound a bit strange, but it allows you to step off the plane with a golden glow already in place and avoid the discomfort and health risks of baking in the sun, instead letting you relax and really enjoy your holiday.

We have a variety of different mist’s to suit everyone....

Classic Mist

The most iconic mist for a classic St. Tropez tan. Results give a natural looking, golden tan that lasts for days. This super-fine 360 degree spray is streak-free, natural and healthy-looking.

Luxe Oil Mist

The most luxurious spray tan yet. This mist gives a golden tan with a luminous glow. The Brazilian inspired oil with added hydrations creates healthy looking skin, with a glamorous shimmer on application.

NB: not suitable for people with nut allergies.

Express Mist

St Tropez’ most advanced formula with three shades in one! The easy to apply mist delivers a convenient all over, streak-free finish, making it perfect for those hard to reach areas. Wait just 1 hour before showering to achieve a light sun-kissed glow, 2 hours for a medium golden tan, or you can leave it on for up to 3 hours for a deep dark bronze.

Dark Mist

St.Tropez’s dark bronzing mist spray solution is the perfect choice for client’s hoping to achieve a deeper, darker bronze. This ultra-hydrating formula provides skin with essential moisture to ensure a long-lasting tan and also ensures a fast-drying, streak-free application.

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