Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage Aylesbury
Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage

A holistic massage focussing on the whole body, using pre-blended oils to increase your health and well-being and to help the body heal itself.

This is a great relaxation therapy which can help ease tension, anxiety and stress symptoms and leave you feeling totally relaxed.

Booking Time: 60 Minutes

Price: £57.00

Full body massage

Massage therapy, including full body massage, has been around for many thousands of years. There is evidence that civilisations in ancient Greece, Rome, China and Japan all enjoyed this method of relaxation and muscle therapy in their day-to-day lives to heal body and mind.

What to expect during a full body massage

A holistic approach is taken to massage at the Belmore Centre and clients will receive a treatment that is tailored to their needs. The therapist will ask a few questions about any aches and pains as well as answer any queries or concerns in advance of the treatment to ensure that you are comfortable with the process.

Using a special blend of oils chosen for their therapeutic qualities, the full body massage treats the whole body to a relaxing and stimulating therapy that provides optimum comfort while helping the body to dissolve stress and tension. This form of therapy leaves you worry free by gently manipulating pressure points on the body and working out the muscles knotted by the strains of modern living. A shorter massage working on just the back, neck and shoulders is also available for those that have limited time; these areas of the body often hold a lot of tension so treating them to a therapeutic massage will go straight to the problem areas and dissolve stress and anxiety, leaving just a warm glow of contentment, relaxation and general well-being.

Benefits of a full body massage

The full body massage works on the entire body so that all areas of potential stress and tension are reached, and the more intensive, longer time span of the full body massage means that positive benefits such as the relief of depression and anxiety that are associated with massage may be more pronounced. It is thought that massage produces positive effects by releasing endorphins and serotonin which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals; other positive effects include improved sleep and prevention of nightmares. Scientific evidence is difficult to come by but there is no doubt that massage of any type promotes general well-being relaxed feelings, contentment and relief from a whole host of anxiety-based ailments. The cause behind this is unimportant, but the results speak for themselves.

A full body massage can really turn anyone’s day around; it is hard to imagine anyone who does not have some element of stress or tension that cannot be removed by an hour spent relaxing in the expert hands of a trained therapist. Whatever the cause of tension, be it a hard week’s work, or an impending visit from a difficult family member, a full body massage will make it simply melt away, if only for a few hours. A massage also makes a great present for a friend or loved one. Why not consider a full body massage; it is hard to think of a better gift for anyone, including yourself!

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