For Reiki treatment, there are wonderful facilities on offer at the Belmore Centre in Aylesbury. Reiki is a popular form of healing and is used to encourage overall well-being for mind, body and spirit. It is a very gentle therapy, dating back many thousands of years, known to have been practised in ancient Tibet and Egypt, but only becoming known to the west during the 19th century.

A Reiki session takes around 45 minutes. The sense of relaxation gained from a session of Reiki is amazing and can be used to help with the symptoms of a wide range of conditions.

Booking Time: 45 Minutes

Price: £55.00

Ancient knowledge and ultimate relaxation with Reiki Aylesbury

For those interested in Reiki in Aylesbury, our therapists can explain a little more about it. The word is pronounced ‘raykey’ and comes from the Japanese for universal life energy. It is not a therapy that is connected to any type of religion or belief, and it is a therapy that can be enjoyed by anybody, at any time.

There is no need to undress for a Reiki treatment. Clients lie on the treatment couch fully clothed and with relaxing music playing in the background. The therapist will either put their hands on or above them. Treatments can also be given to those who are in a seated position – the main concern is that clients are as relaxed as possible. During a Reiki session, Aylesbury’s Belmore Centre therapists will want to ensure comfort before the treatment begins. The treatment is non-intrusive and is something that is used to heal and relax the whole body, rather than a specific area or specific symptoms. For this reason, everyone can feel the benefit of a Reiki treatment.

Your health in mind with Reiki Aylesbury

When arriving for a treatment, clients can discuss any health issues or concerns that they have with the therapists, who will then be able to offer advice on the number of sessions that might be required and explain more to you about how the treatment works. For Reiki in Aylesbury, our therapists will be able to advise if a single treatment is all that is needed or if multiple sessions will be of benefit.

One of the advantages of having Reiki at The Belmore Centre in Aylesbury is that there is also a wide range of other complementary therapies and beauty treatments available. The therapist can advise on which other treatments can be used to work with the Reiki and which will be of most benefit for particular health concerns.

Complementary therapies have grown in popularity a great deal over the last few years as they are often very gentle therapies that can be used alongside conventional medicine. The Belmore Centre has therapists who are trained in a number of different therapies and this wide range of treatments makes this the Belmore Centre the ideal place to be to achieve a calmer state of mind and overall well-being. To enjoy Reiki in Aylesbury the Belmore Centre should be the first port of call for anyone who wants to improve mind, body and spirit.

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