Semi Permanent Lip Liner

Semi Permanent Lip Liner

Do you want a modest correction to your lip line or a full sensual pout? A slight touch of colour or full on lustrous lips?

whatever you desire, Carly can use semi permanent makeup to make your lips speak volumes for you. Lip enhancements can recreate an illusion of fullness and lift. The mouth can appear more youthful by redefinition of the lipline or the introduction of lip blush to give a haze of colour across the lips, ranging from natural pink to a deeper red.

To create a natural looking Lip Blush , she uses varying shades of colour to create sensual and full lips which look soft and natural.

For more information on our semi-permanent makeup, visit:

Caron Vetter

Our Micropigmentation Specialist and Karma House Clinic Director Caron Vetter, carries out treatments and leads all our Cosmetic Tattooists who have been privileged to learn and work alongside Caron. Working in the industry for both cosmetic and medical tattooing for over two decades, Caron is an industry leader with unapparelled experience, knowledge and skills, which she has passed on to our very own Elyssa and Carly.

Caron specialises in medical tattooing and has been carrying out micro-pigmentation procedures for surgeons both private and within the NHS throughout the UK for over 25 years. After completing her training in Paramedical tattooing in America, Caron was one of the very first in the UK to provide medical tattooing to patients who have suffered from breast cancer and have required a reconstruction following a mastectomy.

You know you can trust Karma House Clinic for all your Cosmetic Tattooing needs, with our experienced and specialist team led by renowned tattooist Caron Vetter.

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