Holiday Prep Package

Head In The Clouds

Holiday Prep Package

Get yourself summer ready with our Holiday Prep Package.

Package approx: 2 Hours

Price: £105.00

What happens?

Your therapist will start the treatment with a Clarins Body Polish using an invigorating scrub we will remove any dead skin cells laying on the body which will help your skin to tan better in the sun. We will then send you to the shower to rinse off the scrub before applying a moisturising body lotion to leave it feeling silky smooth.

Your feet will then be treated to a Pedicure, making sure they are flip flop ready.

No need to worry about wearing mascara around the pool, as we will tint your lashes for you, ensuring they are nice and dark.

Finally your therapist will tidy up your brows ensuring that from head to toe you are ready for the beach.

Happy Holidays!

Package includes:

  • Clarins Body Polish
  • Pedicure
  • Eyelash Tint
  • Eyebrow Shape

£25 deposit required when booking

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