Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage Aylesbury
Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage

Why not try our luxurious Lava Shell Massage? Using 100% natural tiger clam shells containing a heated sachet, we offer 3 treatments using Mango and Green Tea massage oil to compliment the use of the shells.

We offer a Back Massage, a Full Body Massage or an “Ultimate Experience” for both the face and body. (Please note: These are priced differently to the Lava Shell Massage as well as different booking times).

These deep tissue massages use heated lava shells to achieve a firm deep pressure and treat deep rooted muscle problems. The radiating heat from the shells releases tension and leaves you feeling instantly refreshed and rejuvenated.

Booking Time: 45 Minutes

Price: £48.00

Lava Shell Massage

Lava shell massage uses beautiful tiger clam shells that are the natural by-product of the eponymous clams from the Philippines.  The shells are polished smooth and then stuck back together before a small hole is drilled in one side so that a sachet that will provide the heat can be inserted.  The sachets contain a mixture of algae and minerals that heat up when they are mixed with salt water, providing heat for around an hour.  The heat warms up your muscles, making them more receptive to massage and helping to reach deep muscle tissue whilst placing you in a growing state of relaxation as the warmth spreads through your body.

Lava Shell Back and Full Body Massages

The warmth and smooth contours of the lava shells will glide over your body in the experienced hands of your massage therapist and send you drifting off into a relaxed and contented state.  The shells are used on pressure points to relieve tension, and worked across hands, arms, back and shoulders spreading warmth and relaxation.  The heat penetrates the muscles in the feet, shoulders and back and is followed by deep tissue massage to relax knotted and tense muscles and wash away anxiety and stress.  The mango and green tea oil used with the lava shells will wrap you in sensuous smells and sensations as the pressure of the lava shell massage improves circulation and energy flow, leaving you balanced, content and totally relaxed.

The Ultimate Lava Shell Massage

The lava shell massage is the ultimate treat for mind and body.  The lava shells are massaged across the whole body, sending feelings of deep penetrating warmth and relaxation into muscles before the deep tissue massage is carried out.  Pressure points in the arms, neck, palms, feet, shoulders and back are all treated to warming pressure and stimulation to balance the energy flow through your body and ease away pain, tension and stress.

Benefits of a Lava Shell Massage

Lava shell massage has all the benefits of a traditional massage with the added heat treatment which helps the massage penetrate into deep muscle tissue and relieve any tension and pain held there.  The heat itself also has the benefit of relaxing the muscles and sending a warm glowing feeling throughout the body which can last for some time after the treatment is complete. A whole body feeling of relaxation and a sense of well being will lift the spirits of every recipient.

A lava shell massage at the Belmore Centre offers a wonderful twist on a plain massage; the heat therapy warms you through to your bones and the essential oils calm mind and spirit as the smooth shells massage all your aches and stresses away.

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