Back Massage

Back Massage Aylesbury
Back Massage

Back Massage

A holistic massage focussing on just the back, neck and shoulders, using pre-blended oils in order to increase your health and well-being and to help the body heal itself. This is a great relaxation therapy which can help ease tension, anxiety and stress symptoms and leave you feeling totally relaxed.

Booking Time: 30 Minutes

Price: £37.00

Back Massage

Massage therapy is a treatment that has been enjoyed throughout history, appearing in both the art and literature of ancient civilisations from Japan to Rome, and back massage is one of the more common forms of this type of therapy. It can be used for the treatment of physical injury or pain, as well as for mental ailments and distress, by applying pressure to points on certain parts of the body or by the stimulation of blood flow and release of tense muscles. Upper and lower back massage has been proven to assist in a huge range of conditions as well as its uses as a true form of relaxation. Oils with therapeutic properties are also often used to help treat stress or tension as well as enhancing mood, increasing positive feelings and promoting a general sense of well-being.

What to expect during a back massage

You will be greeted by your experienced massage therapist who will ask you a few questions about any particular tension or pain you may have. This approach is part of the process of tailoring the massage to your needs, as well as making sure that any queries you have are answered. They will then leave you to undress and make yourself comfortable under the towel before returning to begin the treatment. Shoulders and the upper back are common problem areas, but any tension should melt away in the expert hands of practitioners skilled in massage techniques, so just relax and breathe in the blended oils as your therapist massages away all the stress and worries of your day. Back massage is a very popular therapy as the resulting feeling of well-being, calm and sense of inner peace can become almost addictive. A simple course of massages can provide real, lasting relief from anxiety, muscle pain and sleep problems.

Benefits of back massage

Whether you have an ache in your shoulder from too much desk work, a stiff neck from poor pillows or trouble getting a good night’s sleep, a back massage can really help. Pressure applied in the right place will relieve and relax neck and shoulder muscles, leading to considerably improved sleep in many cases. Countless people find that a course of back massages has a lasting effect on anxiety and depression and puts them in a better mood without the need for medication. The oils that are used can be adjusted to boost relaxed feelings, as well as to stimulate or enliven the recipient if that is what is desired.

Massage therapy is becoming more recognised for its physical benefits all the time, and the mental benefits are well documented, but there is no need to have a tangible reason for a back massage. Why not simply give yourself a treat? A back massage also makes a great present, so take a friend along for a sumptuous treat or combine your session with a facial or nail treatment before a special event; a luxurious mood-enhancing back massage at the Belmore Centre in Aylesbury is the perfect way to prepare both mentally and physically for a big night out.

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