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Image Skincare

IMAGE Skincare is in over 52 countries worldwide. We represent a multinational, multicultural approach to skin health that’s represented by every skin tone and skin type. With IMAGE Skincare, no skin is left behind.

IMAGE Skincare’s proprietary Correction, Prevention and Nutrition system focuses on delivering the ingredients your skin needs for nourishment and protection.

The Science Bit

Whatever your skin care concern is, there is an Image product that help to rectify your worries. With a wide range of expertly designed products, your Image consultant will be able to prescribe the correct product for you.

Image skincare’s philosophy is “Age Later”. In order for your skin to age later we must add ingredients to the skin daily for healthy balanced skin. Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Below is how you can keep your skin fit with a simple 3 step regime

Step 1: Diet

Healthy, radiant skin begins with the right ingredients and technologies that encourage cellular turnover, promote collagen synthesis, protect skin cells, even skin tone, and provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Like the colours of food on your plate, your skincare should include essentials:

  • Retinols
  • Peptides
  • Stem Cells
  • Brightening Agents
  • Antioxidants
  • SPF Moisturizers
  • Vectorize Technology™

Step 2: Exercise

The skin is our largest organ and like the body, benefits from a personal trainer to maximize its health and performance. We recommend a series of six professional IMAGE Skincare resurfacing treatments to whip the skin into shape and promote the best results from your at-home skincare routine.

Step 3: Maintenance

Skin cells build up and turn over every 28 to 40 days, and this process slows as we age. A maintenance resurfacing treatment is recommended every four to six weeks to achieve continued skin health and Age Later results. Your therapist will prescribe your products for you, to continue your skin exercise programme at home, For optimum results its best to look after your skin at home as well as treating yourself in the salon to a peel.

Image Skin Care Ranges

Your skin needs a healthy balanced diet just as your body does. It is important to have a variety of different products from different ranges, so your skin care routine is colourful.
Below are the skin care ranges with some information about what and who they are good for. To get the correct skin care range you will need to book a free skin care consultation so your therapist can prescribe the right products for you.

Each range has the same named picture to go with it. If we can, please keep the titles as similar colours to what I have written as they colour co ordinate with the product ranges.

Ageless Range

Ageless range is the most active range within Image, best designed for ageing skin. The 5 star ingredients are Retinol, AHA’s and Peptides. This not only helps with anti ageing but also helps to normalise skin, good for acne and pigmentation. Most products are high in retinol so can be used 2-3 times a week.

Vital C Range

Vital C range does what is says on the lid..... Full of Vitamin C this is perfect for sensitive, red, irritated dry and dehydrated skin. Helps to boost collagen, brighten and strengthen capillaries. Vital C is the biggest range with products from cleansers to waterburst serums.

Ormedic Range

Ormedic Range is the most gentle range and is perfect for an introduction into Image Skincare. It has brilliant results for unbalanced skin, teenage skin and anyone post procedure. Its 5 star ingredients are aloe vera and green tea which is naturally soothing and calming on the skin.

Ormedic Lip Enhancing Complex Range

This nourishing lip enhancing complex is specifically designed to enhance the appearance and volume of lip contours. This ultra hydrating, powerful Polypedide lip enhancement complex will add up to 40% of moisture volume with repeat uses. Diminishes the look of fine lines and soothes dehydrated lips. This product is perfect for all skin types, especially dry dehydrated skin and is Paraben free. It is available in a clear or sheer pink colour.

The Max Range

The Max range, otherwise known as the Platinum range is perfect for all skin types as has no acid or retinol in. Its 5 star ingredient is plant derived stem cells which is very repairing and nutritious, perfect for sensitive or mature skin. It is formulated for Maximum correction, prevention and nutrition. The max range has its own unique Vectorize technology system which is formulated to help products penetrate deeper into the skin which helps to drip feed the products into the skin over 48 hours.

Clear Cell Range

Clear Cell range is formulated for acne, oily and acne prone skin. Its 5 star ingredient is granactive acne which helps to heal, clarify and restore the skin. Some of the products are perfect to use for a “on the spot” treatment to help prevent any nasties appearing and to keep them at bay. If acne is your main concern, we need to prescribe you some of this clarifying range.

Illuma Range

This range has been formulated using vectorize white as its 5 star ingredient to help brighten and illuminate the skin, helping with any hyperpigmentation patches. It has been proven to help ladies suffering with Malasma after pregnancy. It is extremely important to wear an SPF whilst using this range due to the brightening nature of this product.

Prevention + SPF Range

With Image products we strongly recommend wearing one of our SPF’s. Our SPF’s are moisturising hence why all of the other ranges do not include daily moisturisers. This will be the last step of your skincare routine in the mornings. SPF helps to prevent cell damage, prevents wrinkles, prevents sunburn and any free radical damage. Even on a grey cloudy day the UV rays do still enter the skin, so protection is key.

I Mask Range

Sheet Masks are so popular at the moment and Image have launched 2 wonderful sheet masks to hydrate the skin. The 5 star ingredient is Jeju volcanic water, helping to rehydrate and stop ageing perfect as a little treat at the end of a long day of after a long haul flight. Available in biomolecular hydrating recovery mask and biomolecular anti ageing radiance mask these masks are perfect for you or a little present for a loved one.

Yana Daily Collagen Shot

The path to radiant skin that begins from within!! Yana is a revolutionary, highly concentrated daily beauty liquid that helps to re-build and strengthen skin by boosting the body’s natural collagen production. Yana offers a new approach to skin health utilizing patented bioactiuve collagen peptides that are clinically proven to – increase skin firmness, reduce wrinkle depth and restore hydration.
Drink on its own as a shot, put in a glass of orange or even a cheeky glass of prosecco! *not suitable for vegans*

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