Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng ShuiFeng Shui (pronounced Fung-Shway) the pattern of wind and water, is the art and science of ‘Living in harmony with the environment’.

For centuries people have relied on Feng Shui to design cities, build homes and bury their dead. Certain businessmen consult Feng Shui Masters when choosing offices and business locations, as do home-owners when building, moving or re-arranging their home, to bring health and prosperity.

No longer is this a practise valued by the Chinese alone. Recently the Western world has become more familiar with arts and sciences of China and Feng Shui is being used extensively by those of us interested in working in harmony with both our own environment and the larger environment.

We can do this by looking at each area of the home, office, business etc., and wherever imbalances, blockages of the energy in this area occurs, we can use very simple remedies, e.g., mirrors, candles, crystals, lights, plants, etc. This works in all areas of our life – finances, relationships, health, etc.

Consultations may be done from a simple floor plan or by visiting the premises for a more in depth consultation.

**Feng Shui is currently unavailable at The Belmore Centre. Please watch this space for further updates**

The ancient wisdom of harmonious
living for modern times

Feng Shui, far from being a product of a superstitious mind or a system of explanation that fail the test of scientific scrutiny, Feng Shui reveals the hidden mysteries of the universe and provides us with a way of living harmoniously with them.

Through this ancient art and science we make ourselves and others aware of the vast immensity of the world around us and the real interdependency of all things.
Feng Sui enables you to improve the quality of your own life very simply, to put your own house in order. It gives a greater understanding of the Universal energy within all things, thus creating a sense of harmony and balance in both our work, business and also our personal lives. It allows us to recognise where blocks of energy occur in the environment and how this affects us all, on a daily basis.

It gives us a deeper knowledge of how everything interrelates and how to use this knowledge on a very practical level. It uses remedies i.e. colour, sound, the art of placement, mirrors, furniture etc, both in the office and at home. The process is always the same, whether it is a simple small bedsit or an international company. When the balance of energy is restored, harmony prevails making a very real difference in all aspects of life. Whatever your occupation, whether it be the retired businessman/woman or the young man or woman starting out on any venture. Everyone, without exemption benefits from Feng Sui especially in our present climate.

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