Retail Products

Retail Products

We stock a huge range of retail products to both compliment your treatments with us or as great Gift Ideas. We try and stock products that are natural and good for the environment as much as possible and keep our prices both low and competitive so you do not need to shop anywhere else. If you have any ideas on new stock ranges that you think would be good to stock in future then please let us know.


Clarins was ‘born’ in 1954 and has been ‘taking beauty seriously’ ever since. What started as a small range of plant-based personalized treatments on a high street in Paris has expanded into a whole family of treatments and skincare solutions and the European leader.

Before botanical ingredients were fashionable Clarins found the plant world to be an endless source of inspiration. By purifying and enhancing natural ingredients Clarins is able to offer a truly effective and innovative product range including sun care, make up, face and body care, fragrance and Clarins for men, as well as a unique organic range. Each is tested rigorously to ensure its efficacy and a truly seductive texture and fragrance that looks and feels great on the skin.

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Since OPI’s launch their passion and innovation has never stopped. OPI has revolutionised the nail care industry, combining leading edge technology with an unerring sense of style. Thanks to OPI, beautifully manicured nails are now perceived as an essential affordable fashion accessory and the final touch to complete any look.

OPI continues to keep nail professionals and their clients at the forefront of innovation with an entire range of state-of-the-art quality products for hands, feet, and nails. OPI has been granted more than 30 patents for its exclusive product ideas. Dedicated to the professional beauty industry, OPI is committed to consistently offering products of exceptional quality and innovation; to continuing to set standards and trends; and to delivering the beautiful results that the world has come to expect from the leader in professional nail care.

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St Tropez

There’s nothing like a healthy, glowing, natural-looking tan to make you look and feel fantastic. Synonymous with A-list glamour and a flawless golden glow, St.Tropez’s revolutionary products have been internationally renowned for more than fifteen years, offering award winning, long-lasting self and gradual tans for all skin types.

St.Tropez started as a professional sunless tanning brand but since its launch in 1996, has gone on to lead the category. The product range has expanded and evolved over the years and has helped to take the art of skin finishing to a whole new level.

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It was in 1985 that a new company, Tisserand Aromatherapy Products Ltd, was formed, allowing Robert Tisserand to act as essential oil and formulations consultant, fully utilising his years of experience; he continues in this role to this day. He still writes books that sell all over the world, such as Aromatherapy For Everyone and Essential Oil Safety – the first definitive reference guide for the aromatherapy industry on the safe use and application of over 300 essential oils.

The product range has expanded enormously since its humble beginnings, but what continues to matter to them – as it did to Robert some 40 years ago – is the enhancement of people’s well-being. This is what drives their commitment to keep on delivering outstanding products based on ethical aromatherapy principles, and it is this quest for the best that has stood the test of time.

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Bodytox Patches have now been established in the market place for over six years. Utilising the health and well-being concepts of the Far East and using the highest quality ingredients, they are now the leading brand of patches in the UK and are distributed to 10 other countries around the world and this number continues to grow.

The history of detox foot patches comes from Japanese alternative medicine as far back as 1333 AD where the belief was that health depended on unimpeded circulation. The belief then was that disease was an imbalance resulting from the interaction between a person’s constitution and the environment, both external and internal, which forms the context of the person’s life.

The ingredients of detox foot patches were part of the remedies introduced during that period to treat illness and the recognition for this type of medicine started to attract attention again in the 1920’s. Today, popularity of detox foot patches is soaring with people wanting to detoxify the natural way.

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Barefoot Botanicals

SOS is our lifeline for sufferers with extremely dry, sensitive, irritated or uncomfortable skin. Our products are suitable for all ages and for those who may be prone to eczema and psoriasis.

If you suffer from dry, extremely dry, irritated, sensitive or uncomfortable skin, our SOS range is a must-have. The advanced natural therapeutic formulas are gentle enough for all ages and may also be suitable for those prone to eczema and psoriasis. Regular use of the SOS regime will improve and maintain skin suppleness and regain a normal texture.

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Hynotherapy CD’s

Glenn Harrold’ hypnosis audio series is one of the most successful in the world today, with sales and downloads on all formats now reaching the 2 million mark.

Each hypnotherapy audio CD/MP3 features Glenn’s highly acclaimed hypnosis vocal delivery and production techniques, along with subtle background sound effects recorded in specific musical keys and frequencies. You can hear audio samples on each page before you make your purchase.

Glenn has been producing hypnosis recordings for 15 years now and his titles are officially the UK’s best selling self-help CDs of all time. His Complete Relaxation CD is the number 1 best selling self-help CD in the UK of all time. In 2006 this title was awarded a gold disk by Nielsen Bookdata for sales in excess of £250,000. This is the only CD title ever to be awarded a gold disk in the self-help genre.

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Children’s Meditation CD’s

These beautiful, relaxing Children’s Meditation CDs are the inspiration of Christiane Kerr. As well as practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years, Christiane is an experienced Montessori teacher. She started to run relaxation courses for children in 1999 when she founded Calm For Kids. Her work has been featured in the national press and on television.

Christiane runs classes for some of London’s leading yoga studios and teaches in schools from nursery to secondary level. She currently runs adult courses and children’s workshops in West London where she lives with her children. These lovely meditations can be enjoyed by adults too especially where relaxation and visualization can enhance an overall feeling of well-being.

Bach Rescue Remedies

RESCUE Remedy has been used by generations and is trusted as a safe, gentle and effective remedy to help restore inner calm, control and focus. It’s relied upon for a wide range of everyday stressful situations as it can be taken by anyone, anywhere.

RESCUE Remedy is made up of a five individual flower essences that help you cope with the different emotional aspects of stressful situations:

  • Rock Rose is used for terror and panic
  • Impatiens addresses irritation and impatience
  • Clematis is for inattentiveness and a lack of focus
  • Star of Bethlehem is for shock
  • Cherry Plum helps with irrational thoughts and a lack of self control

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Forever Living Products, Incense and Candles

We also stock a large range of Forever Living Aloe Vera Products, Incense, Candles, Gift Ideas and much more at The Belmore Centre. Please feel free to pop in and have a look.

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