Scenar Pain Relief Therapy

First developed in Russia by scientists and doctors for the cosmonauts to keep themselves healthy on their space missions, Scenar (an acronym for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) is the most technically advanced pain relief device in existence.

How it works

The device works by sending gentle electrical impulses along the nerve fibres of the central nervous system, which the brain recognises as a nerve signal or its own making, allowing the release of the body’s own internal pharmacy of bio-active compounds, including neuro peptides and endorphins. These not only provide pain relief, but also jump-start your body’s natural defence mechanisms and accelerate the healing process. So not only will you relieve the immediate pain, you will also spend less time getting back to full fitness. Unlike TENS and other electrical impulse devices, Scenar does not block the pain, but enters into a ‘biofeedback’ conversation with the brain, enabling the completion of a healing cycle which has previously been interrupted.

Pleasant to receive and suitable for all ages, the only people for whom treatment would not be possible are those who have a pacemaker or other electrical implant, who are severely epileptic or under the influence of drink or drugs.

ALL pain can be addressed, even long standing pain and that associated with conditions such as IBS, arthritis, migraine, RSI, sciatica, whiplash and sports injuries and many neurological and long term illnesses.

Normally, for acute pain such as a recent injury, relief is almost immediate and only one or two sessions may be needed, with results taking a little longer for chronic or long standing complaints. In these cases a course of 6-10 treatments may be necessary.

The first three sessions should be taken close together for best results. Thereafter, appointments can be at weekly intervals.

Symptoms from conditions such as MS and Parkinson’s disease (fatigue, muscle pain, ‘fuzzy’ head etc.) can be greatly relieved, but ongoing sessions would be necessary on a sporadic basis to keep these improvements evident.

For more information or to make a booking please contact the reception team on 01296 612361.

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